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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

PERUVIAN MOUNTAINS is a company lawful in Peru has practice a function particular. the passenger should book making reservations after agreed with Peruvian Mountains directory or sales manager for a service to trekking or climbing, the minimum days for making reservation will be 30 days before the reason of assuring the hotel reservation, transport, guides, equipment and to cover our administrative costs; we request a payment deposit initial of pay 50% and complete the 50% of the total price, the total payment will be done just to start our Expedition service

The prices include all the services request by the client


if our clients cancel their trip, our refund politics is like continues. PAYING SYSTEM
After the price agreement for the Peru expedition’s trip required passenger or travel companies have to make the transactions direct transfer to the bank to our saving account

CURRENCY: all our prices and payments are in American dollars The following Peruvian bank will be to make to deposit

Name of account: Nole Rodolfo Reyes Oropeza
N. of account US$: 375 – 21272764 – 1 – 97
Name of the Bank: Banco de Credito del Peru -sucursal- Huaraz
Address bank: Avenida Luzuriaga 691 huaraz -Ancash-Peru
International bank code: BCPLPEPL web site


PERUVIAN MOUNTAINS establish guarantee and security .the passengers can not compensate with changing itineraries. PERUVIAN MOUNTAINS can not be accountable for the bad climate, illness lesions, natural disasters, for accident is the clients responsibility to have an insurance against accidents which shout cover all these types of situations. in the case that the client is disabled of continuing with the trip due to the lack of physical condition, illness .lesion and other causes the Guide has the obligation of evacuating the client in this case all additional cost will be to the client is responsibility and won’t have right to the refund of the cost of the trip part Peruvian Mountain.